Outdoor Solutions

Super signs

These are mini billboards (3 x 2 m) strategically placed in busy trading centers and mini towns. Super signs are ideal for outdoor portfolio mix to especially reach smaller (population-wise) but strategic audiences along highways, and village townships. They offer wider spread and presence at lower budgets as their cost is significantly lower than the regular billboard spends.

Wall branding

Wall branding is a conventional form of promoting products. Typically, wall paint advertisements involve painting product information, product image, the endorser’s or the brand ambassador’s image, the product’s tagline, the dealer names wherein the product is available, etc. on a widespread wall, wherein the advertisement remains visible for the onlookers.

At Centurion media, we are a trusted wall painting advertising agency in Uganda. With us, you leverage wall painting advertising benefits, including increased awareness, better visibility, and cost savings.


Billboards located at high traffic convergence points are the ideal medium to get your brand noticed and established. Tried & tested, they are

ideal for new product launches and as a long-term brand-building strategy - they deliver high reach and create impact for your ad campaigns.

Centurion Media’s extensive, established, and strategic network of national footprint covering all major towns can provide brands with geo-targeted reach that extends from capital cities across to up-country towns in the East African region.